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How to Create a DIY Kids' Pool: Shower Curtain Liner Hack

How to Create a DIY Kids' Pool: Shower Curtain Liner Hack

Heading to the beach with kids can be an exhilarating experience, but keeping them entertained and safe while enjoying the waves can be challenging. Luckily, with a little creativity and minimal effort, you can turn a simple shower curtain liner into a delightful DIY kids' pool right on the sandy shores. In this guide, we'll show you how to create a safe and fun play area for your little ones to splash and explore without having to inflate any beach toys.


The Versatility of a Shower Curtain Liner

Beyond its conventional use in the bathroom, a shower curtain liner can be repurposed to enhance your beach experience. The waterproof nature of the liner makes it an ideal candidate for creating an instant play pool for kids without the hassle of inflating beach balls or toys.


Choosing the Right Liner

When selecting a shower curtain liner for your DIY kids' pool, opt for a larger-sized liner that can accommodate multiple children comfortably. Take for example this AmazerBath Oceanic Shower Curtain Liner, which is made of durable, non-toxic materials to guarantee a safe play area for your little adventurers.


Setting Up the DIY Kids' Pool

Creating a kids' pool using a shower curtain liner is easy and enjoyable. Follow these steps to craft an exciting water play space for your beach-goers:


  1. Select a Suitable Spot: Find a flat and sandy area on the beach where you can dig a shallow hole to serve as the pool foundation.


  1. Dig a Kid-Friendly Pool: With a small shovel or your hands, dig a shallow hole in the sand. The depth should be enough to hold a few inches of seawater comfortably.


  1. Position the Shower Curtain Liner: Lay the shower curtain liner flat inside the hole, ensuring it lines the walls and the base securely.


  1. Fill the Pool: Use a bucket or a spade to fill the pool with seawater. Keep the water level shallow, especially if you have younger children with you.


  1. Enhance the Experience: To add an extra layer of excitement, let your kids bring some beach toys like sandcastle molds, toy boats, or small water scoops to play with in the pool.


Safety First:

While the DIY kids' pool is meant to be a source of fun, it's essential to prioritize safety. Take these precautions to ensure your children have a safe playtime:


Always keep a close eye on your kids while they are in the pool.

Choose a location away from strong waves or currents.

Keep the pool water shallow, especially for younger children.

Check the shower curtain liner for any tears or damage before use.


After Playtime:

When the kids are done playing in their DIY pool, it's time to clean up. Empty the pool by letting the water seep back into the beach. Rinse the shower curtain liner with fresh water to remove sand and debris, and let it air dry. Once it's dry, fold it and store it away for your next beach adventure.


Creating a DIY kids' pool using a shower curtain liner is a brilliant way to provide your little ones with endless hours of beachside fun. As they splash and play in their mini-water oasis, you'll witness their eyes light up with joy. Remember, safety is paramount, so keep a watchful eye on your kids at all times. With this simple and ingenious beach hack, you can ensure that your beach outings become unforgettable family adventures filled with laughter, creativity, and cherished memories. So, don't forget to pack your shower curtain liner and get ready for a beachside delight like no other!

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