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About AmazerBath

Brand Origins

Established in 2015, AmazerBath was born from Mr.Hong’s aspiration to infuse our personal sanctuaries with the serene elegance of nature. While our company has always been dedicated to elevating the bathroom experience, it’s only recently that we have became captivated by the timeless beauty of bamboo. Recognizing its transformative potential, we are now devoted to designing a new line of products that will turn ordinary bathrooms into realms of peace and artistic splendor.

  • Brand Purpose

    Our purpose is to transform everyday bathroom experiences into sublime moments of tranquility and aesthetic pleasure. By blending functionality with form, and rooting our essence in sustainability, we offer a bathroom sanctuary that resonates with the timeless beauty of nature.

  • Brand Mission

    Our mission is to craft sustainably-sourced bathroom products that embody the beauty and simplicity of nature, ensuring every customer’s bathroom space becomes a personal haven of tranquility and aesthetic perfection.

  • Brand Vision

    Our vision is to be the world’s leading brand in crafting bathroom sanctuaries that symbolize elegance, serenity, and eco-conscious living. We envision a world where every bathroom echoes the resilience, longevity, and renewal of nature.