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Bath Sponges: How Do I Use Them, and What are the Benefits?

Bath Sponges: How Do I Use Them, and What are the Benefits?

Everybody loves bath time, and there are so many ways to make it your own. Whether you enjoy taking a shower or drawing a full bath, there’s something for everyone. While choosing bath products can be overwhelming due to so many options, many people prefer the bath sponge.

Bath sponges are excellent for baths or showers, and they come in all sorts of colors. Not to mention, there are benefits to using them other than getting you squeaky clean. So, let’s look at what a bath sponge is and the benefits of using one.


What is a Bath Sponge?

To start, a bath sponge is simply a sponge used in the bath. Sometimes it’s referred to as a ‘loofah’ which is in reference to the loofah plant. Natural loofahs are made from a gourd plant that comes from the cucumber family. While they’ve kept the name, most bath sponges are made of synthetic materials that work just as well.

If you’ve been using a washcloth and want to step up your sudsing game in the shower, a bath sponge could be for you. Whether you’re using an all-natural loofah, or a synthetic bath sponge, there are many benefits.


Benefits of Using a Bath Sponge


Exfoliates the Skin

One of the biggest draws to a bath sponge is that it exfoliates the skin. Using a bath sponge is an excellent way to get rid of dead skin buildup. Exfoliation will help you get rid of unwanted blemishes along with removing dead skin. When you’re done scrubbing off the dead skin, you’ll be left feeling refreshed and glowing!

Improves Blood Circulation

The scrubbing motion used when using a bath sponge promotes blood circulation throughout the body.

It Saves You Time

Using a bath sponge is an excellent way to save time when you’re in a hurry. All you need to do is hop in the shower, lather up that sponge, and you’ll be clean in minutes!


How to use a Bath Sponge

Now that we know about all the great benefits of using a bath sponge, let’s learn how to use one! It should come as no surprise that it’s a very simple process.

1: Wet the Bath Sponge

You’ll want to make sure your bath sponge is wet before applying soap. If it isn’t, you may not get a good enough lather for your sudsy journey.

2: Apply Soap

Once the bath sponge is wet, apply your soap or body wash of choice. Find something that smells good that you’ll enjoy being immersed in.

3: Lather Up

After you apply the soap, rub the parts of your bath sponge together to create a lather. You should soon see suds forming and be ready to go!

4: Scrub, Scrub Scrub

Don’t let those suds go to waste! Start scrubbing in a circular motion, paying extra attention to areas where you may have blemishes or dry skin. Your new bath sponge should help refresh those areas and have your skin feeling smooth and soft.


Try Amazerbath’s Bath Sponge

Interested in trying out a bath sponge? We recommend Amazerbath’s Bath Sponge. This fluffy sponge is made out of durable PE material that will give you a great lather. The strong knotted design is built to last, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking, either! It comes in all sorts of colors, so there’s something for everyone. Try out an Amazerbath Bath Sponge, today!

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