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Toilet Stools: Why They’re Your Best Friends in the Bathroom

Toilet Stools: Why They’re Your Best Friends in the Bathroom

Got problems with pooping? It might not be what you ate — at least not entirely. Bowel movements might feel easier when you’re in the right position, and a toilet stool can help you get there.

A toilet stool is a small, elevated platform where you place your feet while using the toilet. It raises your knees above your hips, which creates a straighter path for waste to travel. Ultimately, it means less straining and more comfort, giving you a BM you’ll want to brag about.

Here’s why a toilet stool will become your new best friend in the bathroom.


Benefits of a Toilet Stool

Toilet stools are pretty amazing contraptions. When you use a toilet stool, your thighs are supported in an upright position, which helps to straighten out your colon and makes it easier to pass stool. This can lead to improved elimination and fewer issues with constipation or diarrhea.

Toilet stools can also make you more comfortable while using the bathroom. If you have joint pain or other issues that make it difficult to squat, a stool can take some of the strain off your body and help you maintain good posture while eliminating.


How to Choose a Toilet Stool for Better BMs

Ready for a better BM? We recommend a bamboo toilet stool because they look nice in every bathroom, are eco-friendly, and are easy to wipe clean.

Also, remember that it doesn’t have to become a permanent fixture in your bathroom. Choose a foldable stool for easier storage so it doesn’t become a tripping hazard. Use it whenever you need it and store it away when you don’t.

We spend over 73 hours of our lives per year pooping. Why wouldn’t you want to make it an enjoyable experience?


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